Alixandra Hornyan is a gallerist and independent curator with a passion for supporting contemporary artists and an extensive understanding of the art market. Having been in the New York art world for almost ten years, she has held multiple roles in primary and secondary market galleries, non-profit institutions, museums, and private collections. She is dedicated to helping artists in the exhibition and promotion of their work, and through the sales process. She currently works as the Sales Director for an established midtown gallery. In this role, she is intimately involved in the intricacies, demands, and opportunities of the market - a crucial part of the consensus of how artists, whether emerging or established, present their work and how they are received. 

She has a long history as an active young patron and is a member of several museums, cultural institutions and dance organizations across the city, including the Independent Curators International, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, DIA Art Foundation, ArtTable, New York Foundation for the Arts, the Bronx Museum of Arts, NYC Ballet and the Joyce Theater, while having further contributed to the arts community as a weekly mentor for youth with Free Arts NYC for five years. Alixandra received her MA in Visual Arts Administration at New York University, and currently serves as the Alumni Council President. She also holds a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Printmaking, a BA in Art History with a focus in Contemporary Art, and a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University. Her strong professional and educational background have fostered an appreciation, enthusiasm and commitment to circulating artworks beyond the studio.

Alix lives in the West Village with her dog, Maddie, a mini Australian Shepherd. Together, they see a lot of art and love every minute of it. @alixcristina 

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